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Still in Bali

...and losing miserably 26 - 19 at Scrabble...

sunny 26 °C
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...my losing streak started when the 7 letter word "quieted" was played on a triple word score...."quieted"?????...yes the american way of saying "quietened"...grrrrr

Bali continues to be great. We have had consistent winds for kiting. It tends to be a few days on and then a few days off as it's not possible to kite at low tide on the beach side of the reef...no water. I can't believe that no one else kites here as the winds have been so consistent, but I'm not complaining, I'd rather we had the beach & water to ourselves.


A week or so ago we moved accommodation. The other place was fine apart from the screaming kids that woke us up without fail at 6am every morning. It became too much. We moved further south to the "little pond homestay", a small place (maybe 10 rooms) centered around an even smaller swimming pool (if I stretch out I can reach all 4 ends!). It is actually much nicer, cleaner and quieter than the other place, despite no AC (just a fan) and no hot water. It has wireless internet (sometimes) and is half the price (all of 9 dollars for both of us).

A few weeks ago, we considered moving location for a while as we'd heard of some other potential kiting spots, Nusa Dua and further south of Sanur. We decided to rent a car for a couple of days to check them out. Like everything in this place the hardest part of the car rental process is actually negotiating the price. I'm sure I ended up paying over the odds, as I went to one of the big hotels to rent it...I wanted to be sure I was properly insured etc and it was legit. It still involved a good amount of time haggling...I find it quite draining.

Anyway we used the car to check out the two spots. Nusa Dua is nice, mostly expensive hotels, but a few cheapies. However the beach and more importantly the water seems to have been overrun by jetskis. Loads of them, bombing back and forth like a busy highway...if the noise wasn't bad enough, I didn't like our chances of not being hit on kites, so we quickly ruled that one off the list. The second place south of Sanur was ok, with 2 or 3 other kiters out, but really not worth moving for as it still has the "no water" at low tide problem. In the end we decided on the move of accommodation in Sanur instead, but it was fun checking out different places.

Driving in Bali isn't as bad as the guide books would have you believe. As they drive on the left it meant I got the honors. I quickly worked out that there are only 3 rules of the road:

1. concentrate solely on the area out the front windscreen....do NOT look in your mirrors, preferably remove them if you can so you don't sneak a look...trust me you don't want to see what's going on behind.

2. do not hit anything that's in front of you...even if it's a car pulling out from a side road (remember, they won't stop and look as they're concentrating on what's in front of them).

3. use your horn as much as possible

...if you stick to those rules then it seems to be fine.

Our visas ran out in Bali this week. We decided we'd like to spend another month there, but you have to leave the country to renew the visa. So with that in mind, we decided to take a vacation and booked a return trip to Singapore for a couple of nights! I booked flights on "ValueAir"...yes I agree not a great name for an airline, but cheap and actually not bad at all. All the years of work travel meant I could book a fairly decent hotel on points in Singapore. We have spoilt ourselves with some great food whilst we're here...particularly the Japanese meal we had last night.


We return back to Bali tomorrow night. I have updated the horse riding entry with some photo's if you want to look back!

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