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February 2009

Home Sweet Home

...well almost

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Well we had an uneventful stay in Manila...a terrible city really...we ate lots, shopped lots, and went to the cinema lots, but were ready to get out when we did.

Don't bother going to watch the movie called "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"...a good idea that has been produced and edited terribly. There's better ways to spend 3 hours of your life...even in Manila (yes it really is 3 hours...well almost).

Highlights of the city:

Mini Shabu Shabu restaurant - a Japanese meal involving cooking meet and veg yourself in a boiling bowl of broth and noodles fondue like...very tasty, we went lots....I'm not sure why it was mini...Kim's probably right...it was a small restaurant.

errr I'm struggling to think of a second highlight....actually they're all restaurant based...

Japanese restaurant in the Pan Pacific Shopping Mall in Malate - great tuna sashimi in chili sauce and good sake.

Chinese restaurant in the same mall - HUGE restaurant (seats 500!), HUGE dishes but really tasty food and especially fun if you turn up when the restaurant is all but booked out for a childs first birthday party... magician and all.

Cheesecake ETC in the Robinson Mall - yes we did buy a whole one and devour it in the hotel room.

Petco (at least that's what Kim was convinced it was call .... for the Brits, a huge pet store chain here), I actually think it was Pepecto or something in the Greenbelt - good fish.

We did have one night out partying at a club in Makate. For most of the night we were the only one's there....didn't stop us.

I'm afraid those really are my highlights.

An uneventful flight home...bizarre moment in Hong Kong airport when a random girl walks over and asks if we have motorbikes...after a slight hesitation by both of us, Kim said yes, but not on us...the girl said she recognized us from a day when we were filling up the bikes at a petrol/gas station just outside San Francisco during a ride we took oh...about a year ago! Are we that conspicuous?

My last rant....I promise...why oh why can you get on a plane in some places with duty free liquor and in others not. I mean seriously in Hong Kong you can buy duty free liquor and fly anywhere in the world...yes anywhere...apart from the USA and Australia! Surely if you were going to blow a plane up you'd just pick a different route! And really...are you going to use a bottle you bought in the duty free shop by the gate....RIDICULOUS. I am thinking of becoming a consultant to the airline industry to remove the stupidity that they implement, mainly in the western world....main points:

1. see above liquid thing

2. food...no one likes the fake omelette...no one...so don't even attempt to serve it...a simple bowl of cereal will do.

3. the little wash bags that you get that have so much potential, but that when you open them only contains a pair of socks....waste of money...no one wears them...you don't even get the eye patch thing anymore...you have to request them....think of the money you could save by not dishing out tens of thousands of pairs of crap socks that never get worn.

4. if you show the information video about "healthy exercises to do in your seat during your flight" just to irritate people...it's working. We all know that the space between seats makes it physically impossible to do them. At least make the video realistic and amusing and show us the guy attempting to do them in a confined space.

5. Enforce your seat belt policy. A 2 strikes and you're out rule. Anyone who gets up whilst the seat belt sign is on should get relocated to a middle seat (and made to do the exercises in point 4)...a second time and they should have to stand in a pen at the back for the rest of the flight.

6. Child and stewardess free flights...really...they're both just irritating....both wake you up when you're just nodding off. If people want to eat and drink...bring your own stuff....I wonder how many people you would see sitting there eating fake omelettes if they have to bring their own food? My bet is none...so why do you serve them?

...I could go on...I won't.

Anyway...we're back in the US. Its cold and wet...but despite that we're both glad to be home. I wonder how long that will last? Kim is currently doing a 10 day silent meditation, but finishes on Sunday. I'm not going to write anything about that!

Plans? Find a job...think about the move to Portland...visit Kim's family...we're excited about the move to Portland.

It's been a fun 9 months!

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