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Chestnuts roasting....

On an open fire!


Chestnusts Roasting...
...on an open fire

Seriously...a little Vietnamese chap outside the window of my new favorite coffee shop...how festive. They look pretty nice to be honest, so I might don my wooly hat and scarf and try a bag...errr except it's 30 degrees C outside and it's the last thing I fancy eating! I've been sat here 30mins and he hasn't sold any...he should brew up some warm mugs of cocoa to go with them!

Talking of food, I just went for another Indian. I have to say whilst I wasn't locked in the toilet all yesterday, I didn't venture too far from it...with that in mind I went for italian food last night and it was terrible...so feeling hungry I decided the fallout (so to speak) from the curry was worth it and I went back for more tonight.

Lots more westerners in there tonight...encouraging! I decided to study the menu...but on reaching the end (15 mins later) I really couldn't see anything that appealed more than what I ordered the other night.

On trying to order the owner told me that if I enjoyed the madras I should try the "house special". On enquiring what the "house special" was, he stated (rather than asked I felt) "you like spicy!". I replied with a hesitant "well yes but..." but then realized it wasn't a question..."oh you like you like, very good"..."well ok then"...I sensed he would be offended if I didn't try it.

About 2 minutes later he came back..."you like spicy or very spicy? I think you like very spicy yes?"...again I was unsure whether he was asking a question or making a statement, however before he could escape I threw out a "just spicy I think"!

Well long story short...it came...and once again it was delicious...even better than the other night...but oh my god it was hot...not so much that you couldn't eat it, but enough that I drank 3 Saigon beers in the attempt. Tommorrow is going to be a fierce day I think :(. I will be requesting that extra roll of paper on my return to the hotel!

Yesterday on my return to madam cucs, I was ushered into the kitchen by the woman who works behind reception. She opens the fridge, points at a carton of eggs and says "tommorrow you have eggs with your breakfast"! Well I said that's great and returned to my room thinking maybe it was a special breakfast thing they do on Saturday to accompany the usual baguette and jam.

Well I got up this morning, ventured downstairs and sat myself down at the communial breakfast table, but was immediately told that I had to come sit at a table round the corner on my own. Seems for some reason I was the only one getting eggs and they didn't want anyone else to see. They were actually a pretty refreshing change although it still amazes me some of the ways they manage to cook a simple egg (generally unsuccessfully). I have volunteered to show the 2 girls who seem to do all the cooking how to do good scrambled eggs in the morning.

It was a bit dull and dreary yesterday, and as I was having my post breakfast coffee at a place round the corner from the hotel I noticed that an English version of the new Bond film was opening up at the cinema...so I thought "why not?". I started wandering down there and then suddenly realized that I was being stupid...I was bound to be able to buy a pirated copy cheaper and watch it in the air conditioned comfort of my room...I popped into the next store I passed and sure enough there it was...wasn't a bad recording. Crap film though!

On my way back to the room I witnessed 2 chaps on mopeds having a heated conversation on the side of the road. One of the guys jumped off his bike, walked away from the scene and then suddenly turned and sprinted back towards the other chap...he then launched himself horizontally into the air, both legs outstretched, and in true kungfu style sent the other chap tumbling off his bike onto the street with a flying kick to the head... It was just like the movies, impressive and hilarious at the same time. The chap on the floor jumped up dazed, got on his moped and flew off down the street. Guess be knew when he was beat!

Last day in vietnam tommorrow, I'm ready for a change.

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I have to know...Did the girls let you show them how to make a proper scrambled egg?

Have a safe flight and keep writing!! It's great to read your posts. Kinda makes me feel like I am still there....

by Khandilee

Burn, Burn, Burn...that ring of fire. Hope it doesn't cause you too much trouble!!!!!!!

by melandpaul

Derka Derka Mohammed Ali...remember the *coughs* Mexican sore throat...did you get the Vietnamindian version?

by samb_40

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