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Food Dilemmas

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Sick of pasta & noodles, I was determined to find something different tonight, even if it was going to taste bad! I have to say, I've sort of felt malnourished ever since I got to Saigon this time. 2 nights of noodles and spring rolls were enough for me at Madam Cucs, and I did the Pho thing and found some ok Pasta...I even found the "best burger in the world" (it's a stretch, although I have to say it wasn't bad). Really hasn't done much for me though.

On a wander today, I spotted a little hole in the wall Indian place not far at all from the hotel. Well why not we've tried everything else. I wandered down there and was encouraged to see that it was run by an Indian guy and was pretty full of Indian people eating! I ventured in.

Well my heart sank when I got the menu. I've seen some big menu's since I've been here...but this one took the biscuit. I kid you not...28 jam packed pages. So the dilemma was, do I read it, or do I just try and order something...I went for the latter, and keeping it simple order a Chicken Madras, Pilau Rice, a Garlic Naan and a bottle of Saigon Beer. To my encouragement the chap took the order without questioning it, so assume those dishes exist somewhere in the 28 pages!

Well soon after I ordered (almost too soon!), it turned up. A dinner plate sized dish of nice looking rice, a huge bowl of curry, a huge naan, a small dish of green stuff (no idea), and a plate of red pickled onions (I think) .... oh and the beer.

I have to say we have not been eating large portions since we left the States 6 months ago...so this was a little overwhelming...anyway deep breath and I tucked in.

Well...this was without doubt, no questions asked, THE best meal I've had in Saigon hands down and possibly even the best in Vietnam (although "before and now" are close rivals...see previous post).

I may be a bit disillusioned after a month here, but I have to say it rivaled any Indian meal I've had anywhere. The curry was nice and spicy, the rice well cooked, the Naan tasty, the green stuff spicy and the pickled onions...well ok they were a little unnecessary. It was delicious.

I devoured the lot in record time and, mouth burning, swigged back the beer...and then immediately started to feel rather unwell with that "oh dear I've really eaten too much and I'm going to regret this". I payed (just under 6 dollars), and stumbled out the door. I took a long stroll to try and walk it off, but have arrived back at the hotel still a little green. Don't get me wrong the food was great and it's still in me (for now), I just ate far too much!

I will probably go back and look at the menu tomorrow night and try something else (or is that mistake???).

In other news...

...I saw an obesely fat Vietnamese person today, kankles and all ...wierd as fat people just don't exist here (I've told you about the food right?)

...my guess is she knows where the Indian restaurant is.

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Oh good! I'm glad you're not going to starve while in Saigon! Its good that the food stayed with you for awhile instead of....well...you know. Now I'm the jealous one. I think I'd rather have Indian than the frozen pizza of last nights' dinner, although I can't complain about the champagne! Love you! Kim

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